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Sporky's Sporktober Creations!

Our lil Alien SPORKY loves to cosplay, especially during Halloween! Join Sporky for his Sporktober adventures, and collect these one of a kind hand drawn creations by celebrity artist and creator Miguel "GORILLA" Lopez former animator and character designer for The Simpsons & Family Guy.

"The Adventures of Sporky" is an Animated Sci Fi Adventure Story about our little alien hero named Sporky. Hailing from the Planet of Sharp & Pointy Things, SPORKY braves a treacherous journey to Earth in search of his father. Sporky crash-lands on earth, into the Silverback Comic book store. Where he meets and befriends a wacky crew of comic book geeks who vow to help him rescue his father Commander Cleaver, from the clutches of the Villainous REDSTICK.

Oct 2021
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