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Spooky Boys Mansion Party

Welcome to the Spooky Boys Mansion Party ~ ownership of any Mansion Party NFT grants its holder Membership in Web3’s FIRST Country Club. Our Skeletons, Aliens, and Robots are here to network, build, explore, and enjoy the Spooky Night Life! 🥂

Mansion Party NFTs may also be acquired via SpooKeys (2 bronze, 1 silver, or 1 gold required to uncloak) on a Spooky Boys Country Club Ghost NFT. Our bespoke technology uncloaks your Spooky Boy Ghost, burns the key/s (not the Ghost) and mints you a NEW corresponding-numbered Mansion Boy NFT. Search for numbers in this collection to determine if a key has already been used on a particular Ghost.

Check out our Cloaked Spooky Boys:

Uncloak your Ghost with SpooKeys:

Dec 2021
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