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SISU Genesis 111

We believe we have all it takes to evolve. SISU is a sustained inner strength, courage and resolute. SISU is determination in the face of the unknown. It's an energy we want to bring forth into the Web3 world and beyond. These special amulets are from the genesis collection and there’s only 111 of them. They were especially made to help warriors illuminate the path of the future and support the restoration and conservation of our home, planet earth. 

On this journey we need all of us on board. We are creating true networks of support. SISU is the energy necessary to pave the new roads of our world.

SISU lies within and connecting with it will help us build the new earth.

Will you answer to the call?



50% proceeds of this collection will go towards 3 vetted earth restoring projects:

  • Agroforestry *Coral Restoration *Indigenous Resilience

The other 50% is for the artist and SISU operations

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Nov 2021
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