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Shay Charka

Shay Charka is a cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator and comics artist. He is publishing weekly cartoons, caricatures and illustrations in Makor Rishon Israel Hebrew magazine. His comics series are publish on a regular basis for more than twenty years in the children Hebrew magazine Otiot.

Till now Shay Charka has published 19 comics books and Graphic Novels (two of which have been translated into English and published abroad) The comics albums are mainly inspired from Judaism and Jewish sources : the Bible, the Mishna, Talmudic stories, S.Y Agnon and more as well as from daily life in Israel while also studying the philosophical and Jewish approaches regarding Cartoons and Comics. Shay creates puppets and figures for television programs and advertisements.

Participation in debates and Comics events in France and Belgium. Regular participation in the fairs and exhibitions of the international organization Cartooning for Peace all over the world. Shay Charka is 2019 Animix.

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