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Serengeti Stories by Ramdhani Mangula

From a creative co-op in Tanzania emerges “Serengeti Stories by Ramadhani Mangula, a vibrant interpretation of some of East Africa’s most magnificent wildlife as told by a master of the TingaTinga art form.Following the sell-out success of "Savannah Stories" on Opensea, this new chapter unfolds on the vast and majestic plains of the Serengeti, one of the most important naturally protected ecosystems in the world. As one of the lead organizers for TingaTinga Arts Collective in Tanzania, Mr. Mangula has dedicated his life to passionately preserving and promoting this distinctive art form and the wildlife it depicts. Through “Savannah Stories,” he serves as both storyteller and steward to artistically promote the bold colors and rich traditions of Tanzanian TingaTinga to a global audience.

With each purchase, you contribute your own voice to this movement’s global narrative, and connect yourself to a Tanzanian tradition that remains unbroken six decades after it was founded. See FAQs

Apr 2024
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