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Roxroria Game

It's the collection of Roxroria Game images, videos, audios experiencing its various features as follows..

Open-world exploration: Players can explore a luster green mysterious island surrounded by rock mountains and ocean. Discover its secrets and uncover hidden golden treasures.

Puzzle-solving: The game features puzzles based on pool balls called “Odd One Out”, that players need to solve in order to progress and discover more of the island’s secrets.

Interaction with NPCs: Players can interact with AI enabled Spider characters on the island.

Crafting and survival mechanics: Players need to break Spider eggs in order to manage their health and attack the AI enabled Spiders using weapons to survive on the island.

Selectable equipment: Players can switch among available weapons to help them on their quest for treasure.

Beautiful graphics and sound design: The game features stunning visuals and a captivating soundtrack.

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Mar 2023
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