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Reverse light XXL

The magical atmosphere of reverse light. Stains and contrast emotions. This atmosphere is sharper and clearer. As soon as we come face to face with the sun, we say hello to a mysterious life. Instead of turning our backs on the sun, I wanted to make eye contact and hide the details a bit. Often shadows and silhouettes can tell more mysterious details. Now say hello to the traces it leaves on you. It consists of analog (dia positive film) and dslr shots.There are 10 photos in total. Edition: 1/1

About the artist: Berker Dalmış Kocaeli University Faculty of Fine Arts Photography Department "Bachelor Degree". Marmara University Fine Arts Institute Photography Department "Master Degree". Abant İzzet Baysal University Faculty of Education "Instructor".Teaching at various institutions and organizations. Medals and achievement awards in nearly 200 national and international competitions. With his works, he participated in dozens of exhibitions in art galleries in many countries. Documentary

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Feb 2022
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