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Retrospectively yours...

James Moritz's world-famous photography is known for the distinctive dream-like, surrealistic style where details often elude us hidden in the shadows, connecting with the viewer emotionally, left to our imaginations, leaving us always wanting more.

For almost two decades, the most coveted and influential brands trust Moritz to define luxury with some of the biggest icons in culture. Brands including Chanel, Dior, Diesel, YSL that shape today's art and culture with icons like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham even Tom Brady and Cher.
. Moritz has proven he intends to take his place among the great NFT artists by working with the Atfluence Agency and collaborating with the who's who of today's culture.

Named "Artist to Watch and Invest Early" by Luxapop's Vanguard NFT Award soon to be announced the collection below represents some of the best investments on the market today which have already been shown to be resold at multiple of the original cost. Every piece is an original 1of1

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Apr 2021
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