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Puppets of Fate by Chae Tongyull

As the old saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for." But is that always true? In "Puppets of Fate," artist Chae Tongyull explores the delicate and sometimes dangerous balance between desire and destiny. Reading like an ancient fable, this series of three NFTs weaves a tale of love, loss, and the enchanting power of the heart in shaping our fate. However, just like love- the moral of this story lies in the eye of the beholder. Where is the magic in a life without wishes? Is a life without dreams truly worth living? You decide your fate.

These pieces are based on Chae Tongyull’s breakout series “Medieval Tales” from the 1980s and given new life through Midjourney.

Holders of all three “Puppets of Fate” NFts will automatically be granted access to the exclusive “Dream House” NFT, the fourth in this set, upon selling out.

May 2024
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