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PufferSquad is a trademarked brand created by FuguNation.

Fugu Nation is a digital agency based in Switzerland specializing in Web3 & blockchain technologies to enable democratic ownership and capital participation in brands, businesses and innovative projects.

The PufferSquad™ is a squad where everyone belongs! It is a brand that anyone of any age can enjoy, use and share.

Following a summer-ish underwater and joyful theme, a collection of 5.555 animated characters were crafted purely through human intelligence starring the friendly pufferfish varying it along 10 skin colors, 40 emotions, 47 attributes comprising 77 traits. To sum it all up, it is a wild bunch of pufferfishes with one mission; create smiles.

Images speak louder than words: your Puffer can be used as a communication tool and is your KEY to access the work2earn platform where you will be able to profit from the sale of downloadable stickers, gifs, merchandise and collaborate with the community.

Nov 2022
Creator earnings