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POP Yeti

We got into the Metaverse because it was fun and we got to choose who we want to be. But gradually, this space is starting to become chaotic, mistrusting, and focused on greed.

We are forgetting what brought us here...making friends. We are Yetiz, mysterious and illusive creatures who have been living private, peaceful lives hidden for centuries, but we aren't hiding who we are anymore. Now, we live in the moment with excitement and revelry. We are coming down from the mountains because we want to make the Metaverse joyful again.

If you want to see the old community-focused Web 3.0 again, we want you to join us to help build the Yetiverse.

We welcome anyone who wants a place to belong and just be themselves because we know you are a mysterious and fantastical yeti too!

We stepped out of dreams to support our dreams and embark on a journey of personal discovery together.

We are friends and Yetiz.

What are you?

Dec 2022
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