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Plague Poppets: a Small and Mighty Friend

Plague Poppets digital collectibles are rendered with meticulous care and attention to detail, born from the mind of Seattle-based painter and mixed-media artist Juli Adams. Each asset is displayed in stunning 4K resolution with photorealistic textures, giving the characters an eye-catching visual depth.

Plague Poppets aren't just ordinary digital collectibles. You can personalize your Poppet with a variety of traits, such as clothes, necklaces, and hats - all of which are unique digital collectibles themselves! Create a character that you truly resonate with - and update your Poppet's wardrobe with rare Seasonal Threads.

Every Plague Poppet comes with its own AR journal. Use our proprietary AR app to place your Poppet in the real world, and create enduring memories with your character. You'll also get access to high quality 3D GLB files you can animate, bringing your small & mighty friend to life in the metaverse!

Sep 2023
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