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Picasso Kongz

Picasso Kongz are a wild mix between the star of the internet pop culture "Kong" and the very talented Pablo Picasso !
Only 650 unique Picasso Kongz will be minted as ERC-721 Tokens available on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Picasso Kongz pay tribute to his fellow cousins @CyberKongz and @picassopunks but are not affiliated to them.

The purchase price increases with a bonding curve to reward early supporters.
Price will increase by Ξ 0.02 every 100 Picasso Kongz minted from number #0250.
Picasso Kongz #0635 to #0645 will be sold at Ξ 0.5.
Picasso Kongz #0646 to #0650 will be auctioned - buyers will receive by post a custom swiss watch of their Picasso Kong(z).

Mar 2021
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