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Phoebe's Revolution

To say that the metaverse mirrors our physical universe sounds trite. But it raises questions about the nature of our reality. Isn't the material just as immaterial as the immaterial is material?

I imagine the universe and the metaverse as two giant mirrors facing each other, in which the pictures we make of ourselves are endlessly tossed back and forth like in a game of ping pong. It would be nice to be able to turn the mirrors a little bit, so that the images, rotated 90°, fly off into infinity while we have time to look at them from a different perspective.

So I bring into play what I have: sculptures of dense matter, thoughts of uncut imagination, a voice. I want to see if in this ping pong game one of the mirrors doesn't get a wonderful blow.

The Ping Pong Project project is a series. Each artwork involves a physical sculpture, a video and video stills.

The physical sculpture will be available upon request. One edition of each artwork will be reserved for the artist.

Sep 2022
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