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PandaMania NFT Collection

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Unique Pandas who want to help the world!

Each Panda in the PandaMania NFT collection has the capability to save pandas, and other animals, here on planet earth.

We will donate 50% of all proceeds that come from this collection to Pandas International. This includes royalties (2.5%), also.

Pandas International has been in operation since 1999, and is one of the largest contributors to Giant Panda sustainment and repopulation. They are highly respected as a charitable organization, and have received high accolades from multiple entities that screen charities for safety and fiscal responsibility. Please visit their website to learn more about them here: .

Benefits of HOLDING: *P2E & Panda Token *DIAMOND HANDS Rewards *Save Real Life Giant Pandas *Travel Savings *E-Commerce *Health & Fitness

Oct 2021
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