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Panda Earth (2018)

One of the earliest NFT games.

Panda Earth NFTs are beautiful artifacts of blockchain gaming history.

In early 2018, Panda Earth was a first of its kind virtual breeding game designed to promote real-world Panda conservation. By late 2018, it was abandoned. The Chinese developers left suddenly, crippling the project. 15% of the Panda NFTs became “‘extinct” as the metadata was stored on now dead servers.

Fast forward to 2023, and the Panda NFTs are back. A global community rescued the project by innovatively wrapping the Panda NFTs with intact 2018 metadata. We’re now helping save real wildlife through our community-run PanDAO.

So buy a Panda, own a piece of blockchain history, and join our fight to support wildlife

Panda Earth. We’re back from extinction.

Unwrapped Collection Page Please do not purchase Pandas with an ID over 5600 - They do not have 2018 metadata and cannot be wrapped.

Mar 2022
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