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Daily Changing Ugly Faces by V. Lishko

Meet the new on-chain generative art collection of the Avatizer project!

The on-chain art revolution continues: Avatizer Mint Pass ( presents Ugly Faces by Vitaliy Lishko.

The new collection consists of weird-looking stylish NFT art pieces generated by an on-chain algorithm based on the initial painting by Vitaliy Lishko, a famous Ukrainian designer. These NFTs change their look and emotions once a day (this process can be paused/resumed whenever you like).

Another part of the collection contains 100 one-time purchase certificate tokens granting their holders a real painting from Vitaliy Lishko that depicts any of their owned paused Ugly Faces NFT.

NOTE: OpenSea takes some time to cache the NFTs once the faces are reloaded. If your NFT takes too long to update, try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the listing.

Dec 2022
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