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On Dialogue

On Dialogue is a decentralised artwork containing 608 unique NFT’s, each measuring 1000x1000 pixels. Together they form one work one big digital work 32000x20000 pixels or 8.46 x 5.29 meters. The full work will be displayed in real life as soon as we have 608 owners!

This project aims to be a practical implementation of how the future of art could be. Art and assets that are accessible and affordable by a majority of the people. A world of decentralised and fractional agency where the community embodies the ownership and generates value for the world.
This work is inspired by David Bohm’s book with similar title. Bohm believed that “A different kind of consciousness is possible among us, a participatory consciousness”. In a genuine dialogue, “each person is participating, is partaking of the whole meaning of the group and also taking part in it.” This is not necessarily pleasant, as Bohm warns. The "On Dialogue NFT collection" captures this moment of unpleasantness.

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May 2022
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