OldBones Collection

Friends. Welcome to the Old Bones Collection

I had a complete collapse about 2 years ago. Spinal injury, multiple surgeries, job loss, bankruptcy. It was as low as I could ever imagine going. I battled depression, deep dark depression, anxiety, self doubt and insomnia. I was, frankly, destroyed.

It was about that time that I rediscovered photography. My wife, god love her, was my rock. She managed to scrounge enough money to get me a used, 10 year old, digital camera. She saw more clearly than I did, that photography could literally save my life.

Fast forward two years and I am pleased to say, it has.

I have come a long way. I have had solo and group shows, had my work featured in print and digital media, have sold my work across the world, as close as down the street, as far away as New Zealand. I have had an artist residency, and, am now pleased to offer NFTS to the world.

These works are my reflection, my salvation. Thank you.

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