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A refined, highly efficient minigame with additional outside utility and the embarkment into an entirely new fully decentralized P2E metaverse experience.

In the deep blue sea in the miniverse, a battle is occurring that has existed since the dawn of man. In a small fishing village located on the edge of Ghanamekit, Fishermen spend their days tossing out nets in hope of making a good haul of KRILL. The great unknown of the ocean comes with risk'\s, with one of them being the Whales. Capable of devouring 8,000lbs of KRILL each day, there’s no surprise the fishermen are worried about their precious honey hole running dry.

The village makes their living by taking their KRILL to the local market. The more KRILL, the more Fishermen they can afford to send out on the ocean. It’s not always a smooth ship sailing as the 300,000lb Whales do whatever they want without any repercussions.

Nov 2021
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