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Ninja Squad Official

Ninja Squad and Ninja Mfers collections roots back to Ninja Traders, providing utilities to a diverse community of traders since 2017. NFT collections of Ninja Traders are considered as tickets to all kinds of utilities for the holders such as access to our Ninja Terminal, Ninja Tool, Ninja News and all the upcoming Ninja products.

Ninja Traders ecosystem is powered by $NST, with the ecosystem expanding and new utilities being developed.

$NST is the native token of the ecosystem, which provides access to Ninja products such as trading and analytics tools, including a news feed and terminal developed for both beginner and advanced traders while providing educational content to empower trading skills to higher levels. $NST is a multichain token, launched previously on Ethereum and bridged to Arbitrum and Solana for easier acquisition.

Check our website to learn more about the Ninja Traders.

Nov 2021
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