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Nidum Items Collection

Nidum Items Collection is an NFT collection that encompasses every in-game item for Nidum Arena Battler, which is an integral part of the SIDUS Metaverse. Immerse yourself in this turn-based PvP game, which is accessible via WebGL browsers and features three warlike races that clash in high-stakes arenas. This collection offers NFTs of multiple rarities: Common, Epic and Legendary, each of which enhances your gameplay experience in a particular way.

Outfit your heroes with powerful weaponry, gadgets and armor to gain a decisive advantage on the battlefield. Complete daily quests and get generous rewards for being victorious! Use our Layer 2 solution to ensure smooth transactions in the SIDUS HEROES Module Economy and co-own it by playing!

Join the battle, secure the rarest items and carve your path to legendary status with Nidum Items - choose your NFT now!

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Jan 2022
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