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Since the early 1800s, the Kiriko cut-glass style was first prized by emperors and generals of Japan's "Edo" period, as collectible art. In the course of nearly two centuries of millimeter-detailed grail carving, Edo-Kiriko became a distinct Japanese tradition loved by the culture, as a hidden gem of the east - -

Eternally is a hybrid collection of cultural expressions created for the metaverse and expanded reality. Collaboratively developed by Edo-Kiriko artist Kosho Nemoto and multimedia artist Daniel Chen, the transparent, non-fungible linkage between the physical and digital pieces is the medium and the recording of the evolution of traditional identities of art. Owners enjoy the benefit of collecting both the digital NFT art and the Edo-Kiriko physical creation, and are welcomed to our Tokyo studio to share sentimental values of rare, eastern artistry. Make history, take the very first Edo-Kiriko art into metaverse with us, find out more at and our Discord channel.

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