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NFTJungleApes S1

The #NFTJungleApes are still minting! Visit for more information & connect your wallet to mint.

Only 1,000 Apes in S1 Get your hands on one of the rarest and most unique NFTs around – the NFTJungle Apes. These majestic creatures are sure to become highly sought-after collectibles.

Pushing the boundaries of content and functionality, these Apes are pioneering 3D animated PFP projects on the blockchain. Each one is a unique piece of art, featuring a 3D animation or dance, iconic PFP image, Augmented reality & Play to Earn NFTS game.

More than digital art pieces – they are dynamic NFTs, avatars for the metaverse, and downloadable files that you can use to bring your online presence to life. Plus, the IP to the ape is yours to keep, giving you the opportunity to create your own augmented reality fun on the dance floor.

Created and curated by an award-winning director and team, these NFTJungle Apes are a must-have for any collector.

Mint yours now for just 0.02 ETH

Aug 2022
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