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Nexus Nodes

Nexus Nodes (formerly Nexian Gems) are soulbound to one physical RCADE Node and can be claimed via the Node dashboard. They will play a crucial part in supporting our decentralized gaming economy.

Each Nexus Node is imbued with an ‘Interceptor Node’ title, the highest class node within the RCADE Node network.

When assets are staked on the Nexus Nodes, they will contribute to securing the network and upholding its decentralized operation.

Nexus Node operators who actively contribute to game economies can participate in the contribute and earn $RCADE program facilitated by our partners, the RCADE Foundation.

It is important to note that it is possible to operate Nodes without additional tech, making contributing to the network seamless.

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Official Revolving Games Collections: Nexus Nodes RG Bytes

Jul 2023
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