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My Final Form by DNS_ERR

Restored back to its rightful utopia, Gooch Island has seen an influx of evil amphibious creatures occupying the desolate wasteland. Dickbutt children are vanishing, PFP Police are searching, Larva Lads are worrying, Toadz are hiding and Stoneys are still smoking GAS. Something shocking has been uncovered by a Phunky Civilian… Below the PFP Police HQ on Gooch Island, Evil King Gremplin & The Gooch Army are experimenting and cross breeding Stoney Cryptoad Dickbutt Larva Phunks! My Final Form is a collection of 2777 randomly generated, on-chain, experimental creatures uncovered by a Phunky Artist & his pot smoking friends. MFF is in the public domain, MFFers can be used in any way imaginable just don’t show your children. All MFFers face left for obvious reasons, they will remain on the right side of Web3 History!

Aug 2022
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