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My Favourite Pet

Introducing "My Favourite Pet": A Limited Edition NFT Collection of 1000 Playful and Unique Virtual Pets!

These endearing companions are more than just pixelated pets; they are collectible, tradable, and entirely yours in the world of blockchain.

Limited to only 1000 units, each NFT is a rare and exclusive piece of digital art. Once the collection is complete, no more will ever be created, making these NFTs highly coveted and valuable in the blockchain art community.

Join a thriving community of Steady NFTs enthusiasts, where you can connect with fellow collectors. Adopt your pet today and become part of this groundbreaking NFT collection!

NFT holders get a chance to win a rare NFT or cash prize from any new NFT release or Airdrop each month, also you can complete missions to win either rare NFT or a cash prize on website

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Feb 2023
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