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OBYC Mutants vs. Machines

Mutants vs. Machines is the three-tiered evolution of 10,000 OBYC Bears who consumed toxic salmon (Mutants) or were exposed to Nanobots (Machines). All of the 7,777 genesis OBYC bears can transform into L1 Mutants OR Machines. Once a path is chosen, you cannot change back. L2 is an enhancement to your L1 - only 1,107 Mutants and 1,106 Machines can evolve. L3 is the ultimate and rarest tier of legendary evolution and it can only be injected into 5 Mutants and 5 Machines.

Choose wisely. No traits left behind.

L1 Toxic Salmon & Nanobot Vials and L2 Salmon Barrels & Nanobot Flasks can be purchased in the OBYC Hazmat Division. Legendary L3 items will be announced and released when found.

OBYC | HZMT DIV | Transform | Bear Checker | L2 Item Mint

This collection is by OBYC Labs.

Jan 2023
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