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Museum of Everything

Drawing inspiration from various art movements, architectural styles, and lighting techniques, The "Museum of Everything" is a cross-media experimentation with AI tools reworking my personal artworks, made with Cinema 4D. The collection is composed by 101 unique pieces. The last one, called "Genesis", is the original artwork that was the seed of the project.

In the ethereal realm of the "Museum of Everything" the viewer is transported into a surreal collection of NFT cross-media generative artworks. These NFTs weave a narrative of empty museum rooms where the laws of physics dissolve. Here, gravity is but a suggestion, and the absence of human figures intensifies the enigma that pervades each scene.

The very essence of space challenges the conventional. The absence of gravitational pull adds an ethereal quality, turning each piece into a dance of weightless wonder. Crafted through experimentation, these generative artworks are a testament to unpredictability and uniqueness.

Nov 2023
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