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MONTREAL.AI: Opening the Doors to the Crypto AI Art Movement

Historical Significance

At the intersection of the Fine AI Art-market and the Crypto Art-market, MONTREAL.AI pioneers the Crypto AI Art-market.

1). Fine AI Art-market history was made on October 25, 2018, when the first AI artwork ever sold at Christie's shattered expectations, fetching $432,500.

2). Crypto Art-market history was made on March 11, 2021, when the first purely digital artwork (NFT) ever offered at Christie's realized $69,346,250.

MONTREAL.AI presents, with authority, the first novel, original and important Crypto AI Art reflecting the aesthetic diversity, the conceptual richness and "purist" form of AI creativity expressed, via search and learning, by the machine.

" The Artists Creating with AI Won’t Follow Trends; They Will Set Them." — MONTREAL.AI

MONTREAL.AI coined the term Crypto AI Art and introduced the hashtag #cryptoaiart.

Feb 2021
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