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Monochromasters is a series of famous paintings from old and modern masters averaged to one monochrome color and every 1 pixel is 1 mm of the original art work.

How low-res can you go?

Every Monochromaster is curated by hand and calculated from the highest quality source material available. There are also Monochromasters on Instagram and available as physical prints. These are all created in a way that best fits the medium, and not all Monochromasters are available in all the different media, although some do occur multiple times. All the NFT Monochromasters are 1/1 editions.

All paintings in the series are presented in the same relative proportion, true to the size and aspect ratio of the original. All are based on the highest quality source images available to me. In making the image as least detailed as possible I try to minimize the desire to create a facsimile but search to keep only an ethereal and essential link to the original work of art.

Mar 2021
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