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Mills College NFT Bake Sale

"You can never solve a problem on the level it was created"-Albert Einstein

Support this majority women, BIPOC & LGBTQ college. Help save a California icon. Mills was the first women's college to offer a computer science major (1974).

Mills College was founded in 1852. Its 169-year heritage as a Historical Women's College and Minority Serving Institution is threatened by a President and Board who ran out of ideas; all they can think of is to sell the college.

Mills College must be preserved.

Mills is rich: in history, culture, people, and potential. It can remain independent - using new thinking to solve old problems.

NFTs provide the answer to liquidity challenges that were exacerbated by the pandemic, as well as transparency, trust, inclusivity.

Buy and trade unique symbols to show your support for Mills College's 169-year heritage of educating extraordinary women.

Blockchain = Transparency | Blockchain = Truth | Blockchain = Prosperity

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Aug 2021
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