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MilkSumo Cards

Introducing MilkSumo Cards! This exciting NFT collection combines the world of milk cartons with the traditional sport of sumo wrestling. Get ready for a unique and captivating experience!

MilkSumo Cards feature beautifully designed NFTs, showcasing adorable milk carton characters as powerful sumo wrestlers. Each card embodies the strength, grace, and spirit of sumo wrestling, bringing the rich traditions of Japan to the blockchain.

Immerse yourself in the captivating artwork and discover the intricate details of each wrestler's personality and style. Collect, trade, and showcase these limited-edition NFTs to elevate your digital collection.

But MilkSumo Cards offer more than just aesthetics. Engage in thrilling battles between your favorite wrestlers, experiencing their unique skills and techniques in simulated sumo matches. Rise through the ranks and become the ultimate MilkSumo champion!

May 2023
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