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#MetaMoments consists of 9 editions of 9 priced at 0.09 ETH, 6 editions of 6 priced at 0.3 ETH, 3 editions of 3 priced at 0.6 ETH, and 3 1of1's available for 3 ETH each. They all come with varying Moments of my time because see,that’s the only thing I truly value and the only thing I feel comfortable selling you. At the 0.09 price point, you receive access to my private discord and telegram channel. Airdrops, + a year-long subscription to the members-only area of my sleazy ass website At the 0.3 price point, a physical acrylic painting will be produced for the buyer upon request and transfer of the NFT back to its genesis wallet. Worldwide shipping paid by buyer. Each NFT at the 0.6 price point, comes with one 1 hour Zoom call a month for one year. And finally we have the three 1 of 1’s. The purchase of these NFT’s will sign me up for your project for 90 days. I’m all in just point me and shoot. In other words, I’m the NFT Consultant you need. And probably the only one you can afford

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Jul 2021
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