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The Genesis by MetaFeat

Welcome to the Genesis Collection!

This collection is an innovative NFT project that blends ancient stories from the Book of Genesis with advanced artificial intelligence technology in order to create exceptional and lasting NFT artworks.

It’s more than just a collection of digital assets; it’s a journey through the Metaverse world with meaning and spiritual significance.

The Genesis verses from The BIBLE were used as AI text prompts to create inspiring NFT artworks. This is a unique work of art that visually interprets a verse from the Book of Genesis.

The purpose of this collection is not to promote any particular religion, but rather to illustrate an inspiring story recognized globally across multiple faiths.

The Genesis Collection comprises 1533 NFTs in two classes, The Standard Class and The Signature Class, each with its own benefits and features. Each NFT is tokenized as an individual ERC721 type 1 of 1 edition.

More Details:

Feb 2023
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