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Memento Mori - 20 Artworks by Cryptoglyphz

By combining classical sketching with AI supported digital image processing, Cryptoglyphz are pioneers in creating a format that represents the mixing and blending of the real and virtual world. In today's world being stuck in the Corona Pandemic we humans stand on the threshold of a new, global and digital era. With the series "Memento Mori" the artists reflect on this situation and thus make an important artistic contribution. We humans have become a strong and important influence on the biological, geological and atmospheric processes of the earth. We have managed to become a serious threat to our mother earth and our species. As the title suggests, the digital art is intended to show that we humans must be aware of our mortality! The theme of "vanitas" is also taken up in their works and their meaning of nothingness, vanity and transience is meant to warn us against the arrogance, ignorance, megalomania and curiosity with which we humans endanger ourselves and our planet.

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Apr 2021
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