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MemeMafia Family Collection

The meme world is alive and well. It is controlled by close-knit families of OGs, wise guys, and loyal communities. These families have massive influence within the cryptocurrency industry. Families are managed by capos with oversight & guidance from Consiglieres and final decisions from the family Boss.

The Meme Mafia celebrates these families and their influence within crypto. Some families work with each other, and their bosses have sitdowns at secret dives to hash out family business. Others choose to work alone in their quest for power and industry influence.
Which families will survive? Which communities will become pockets of wealth and fortune?

Meme Mafia is the ultimate meme project with a digital asset (ERC20 Token) and a special NFT collection that combines our meme culture with a twist of old school mafia loyalty and family strategy. Power. Influence. Wealth. Welcome to Meme Mafia!

May 2023
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