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2023 Maui Wildfire Relief - Mauisapien NFT

The Ecosapiens community is raising $10,000 for Maui wildfire disaster relief. Limited edition Mauisapien NFTs are now available for $10 each, payable in ETH or Fiat.

The wildfires in Maui are the worst natural disaster in the state's history. They have killed at least 55 people, destroyed over 1,000 buildings, and displaced thousands more. The fires are still burning and are not yet under control. Maui needs the help of the web3 community.

100% of the funds raised will be donated to Maui United Way via Endaoment. Endaoment is an on-chain 501c3 donation and grantmaking platform connecting nonprofits with crypto donors. Ecosapiens is the leading climate NFT company and has raised $5M from Tier 1 VC funds.

Art will be revealed on 8/19.

Aug 2023
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