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Masked Culture

Masked is a fusion of art, poetry, music, chant and movement, performed by contemporary creatives from Africa resulting in 100 distinct expressions imbued with deep cultural meanings transcending human generations.

The collection is a collaboration between 1 Artist and 15 poets, resulting in 100 NFTs steeped in the cultures of Africa, its history and in the world’s present. The NFTs are hand drawn, digitally painted & animated illustrations reminiscent of and inspired by the age long curvilinear 'Uli' art form of Igbo ethnicity from Africa.

The collections art is a visual expression of lines and colours couched in revolving layers of subliminal performance. It is a renaissance of an art expression that has always been part of the artists composition and mandate.

Masked re-imagines and presents the mask-wearing culture found across Africa to a larger audience: the Web3 space.

Dec 2021
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