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Marcel NFTeams

Why the hell is everyone so serious about NFTs ?

Because we’re here to make things that change things, we decided to do our NFTs… the Marcel way.

The NFTeam is a collection of cards that reflect all the skills and talents of our agency. For each talent, there’s one card. And for each card, you’ll get a specific advantage matching the personal or professional talent of the employee until 1st July 2023.

PR tips with Aliou, figure skating with Aurel, Tarot reading by Justine, manga recommendations thanks to Calliste… all the richness of our agency is now within your reach. You might even find a karaoke party hidden somewhere.

Take a good look, there are some nuggets. The one you can’t find anywhere else.

Oh, and we were about to forget! Owners of an NFTeam Marcel card can get agency's goodies (just drop by) and above all, for two years... an invitation to Marcel's parties.

Lighter, easier, and even a bit funnier that the bunch of NFT one can find on OpenSea right ?

Jun 2022
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