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Lost Planes

The quest for flight has been an ongoing effort for many centuries. humans have tried to fly just like the birds with little to no success until the invention of the airplane. Many planes over the years took flight, and either crashed or were discarded and stripped for parts.

After seeing a post on Instagram of a crash landed plane I knew I needed to find some of my own. I started with the famous ones around the world, Iceland, Bahamas, Alaska. All well documented crashes, but they were far and Covid was preventing travel. With the help of some aviation records I found planes converted into statues, abandoned air strips, scrap yards, you name it I found it. I started to pin my map and plan my attack, each plane has a unique story attached to it.

Common - 12

Uncommon - 10

Rare - 8

Provably Rare - 6

Super Fucking Rare - 6

Legen-Fucking-Dary - 3

Sep 2021
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