loopingmoves is a collection by Marco Alma, a performative artist working across dance, design, and filmmaking.

Every single piece is a unique looping move. A different scenario will be released every 10 pieces. So only 10 moves of the collection will share the same scenario, still being unique pieces.

Collecting Loopingmoves you will be able to find a random continuity between moves in order to get a homogeneous expansion once you place one move after another, so choreographies can be created. (N)AI generated inside my brain.

Bonding curve pricing model: Scenario #1 (first 10 pieces) starts 0.01 each, then each additional pack adds 0.01, so Pack 2 (#11 to #20) will be 0.02 each and so on..

Enjoy and collect your favorite moves!

Follow the hashtag #loopingmoves on instagram and twitter to stay update for every single piece of the collection I will mint.

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