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KNOTS by Emily Segal

KNOTS: a project by Emily Segal and Deluge Books.

A collection of 720 unique three-dimensional knots, metaphysically activated and created with elements of chaos.

Each 3D-rendered knot is embedded in a perfect feng shui sphere for maximal holder harmony. A four-directional minting process means each KNOT you get is energetically attuned to your aims. X-Y coordinates on the unknot determine a random seed which grants your knot. Additionally, the smart contract contains ancient formulae from a foundational text of Western magic, as designed by the team’s diviner and ritual specialist.

KNOTS are a new experiment in literary Web 3. A portion of each primary sale supports queer, trans, experimental and otherwise undersupported publishing projects via Deluge Books and 100% of secondary sales will go to Deluge Books as well. In addition to this, each KNOT ties you into the BURN ALPHA $NOVEL universe.

Feb 2022
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