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Kabana Club

Closed club of crypto-enthusiasts. Only for those who are really interested in the real crypto world, not that one that pseudo-experts tell masses about. Club = this is the third filter, only getting into which a person can finally decide for himself whether he needs that or not. As they say, if you don't try, you won't know. Entrance to the club is limited and the maximum number of club members = this is the number of NFT mushrooms = there are only 4444 of them. This is practically impossible, because almost everyone mints more than one mushroom. The main idea of ​​the club is to unite unique, creative, smart people who are able and willing to develop and work on themselves, create and build using the most non-standard approaches and solutions! The main goal of the club is a strong foundation of smart, ideological enthusiasts! NFT mushroom = automatic whitelist for all presales of all projects incubated in the Kabana Club incubator. incubate project by passing the appropriate KYC.

Oct 2021
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