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K-POP All Star 2.0

Introducing “K-Pop All Star 2.0”, Orangehare’s second all-star lineup of S. Korea’s most prominent young artists making waves today. In this era of instantaneous communication and blurred boundaries between collectors, consumers, and artists, anyone can now lead in this realm of constant change. Guided by playful characters and vibrant colors, where icons reign supreme and creativity is the currency, these Korean creators express themselves by any means necessary. Yet, amidst all the sights and sounds, we can still glimpse the fractured self—a "Self-portrait of the artist as an avatar" unfolding in web3, particularly by the creators in this lineup. Within this borderless universe, all eight artists in OrangeHare’s "K.Pop.2" NFT collection shape their own identities, claiming movies and cartoons not by country, but by personal connection. Through screens, canvas, and keyboards, they craft new personal mythologies, ushering in the global phenomenon of “K-Pop All Star 2.0"

Apr 2024
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