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Julia Set Collection

A collection of Julia sets, mathematically connected to the Mandelbrot Set Collection and the Mandelbrot Trilogy Collection

These artworks are generated with a numerical algorithm and engraved into 4200 unique NFTs. Each work represents the neighborhood of one of our favorite points of the Julia corresponding to the point C at the center of a piece of the Mandelbrot Set Collection.

Julia's zoom factor is the logarithm of the Mandelbrot's zoom and colored with a similar gradient, based on how fast the iteration the function f(z) = z^2 + c diverges to infinity. And remember: golden-colored points are very scarce.

There are 128 video pieces realized by Abramo, plus 66 videos and 50 images created by Maths Town.

You can get more information and mint a new, randomly selected Julia on our website

Sep 2021
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