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Inside the Warrior

This is a series of images of men who practice yoga to give a voice to men in the yoga community as well as inspire more men to try yoga for its immense benefits to physical and emotional well being.

This project aims to tell their story in order to break down stereotypes and perceived barriers to men practicing yoga. In the West, yoga is predominantly practiced by women and is perceived to be something that is simply stretching and not "manly." In fact, yoga has been used by men to heal from PTSD trauma, physical injuries from sports, depression/anxiety, and a way to connect with their innermost selves through breath, meditation, and poses (asana). The ultimate goal of this project is to start a conversation that allows space for men to embrace their emotions, vulnerability, and achieve a deeper connection with themselves.

I spent more than 5 years traveling the US to photograph all the men in this series/collection and 3 years later finally self published a printed book.

Nov 2021
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