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Hi. my name is ikewid and I know exactly what i’m doing.

100 ikewid’s will be created over the next 2 years.

Welcome to the most serious nft project alive.

The world we live in is freaky.

Metaverse. NFT’s. Crypto. Tesla. Neurolink. A/I. TikTok.

Lucky, ikewid is really smart and understands exactly what’s happening and why.

You can ask him anything.

He's here to keep you calm and in the know on this wild journey through life.

There will be 100 idewid's from age 0-100. One for each year of his life.

Each age will be unique and portray what ikewid is like at that age.

Every week, another age will be released until all 100 ikewid’s are created.

Follow on IG to be the first to see new ikewid’s 🙂


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Jan 2022
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