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The ifungiclub is an art and environmental project by the artist GAMA. There are 999 mushroom NFTs in total. For GAMA, who grew up as a nomad in Mongolia, the adaptable mushroom that sprouts from the ground all over the world symbolises Buddhist rebirth. In the ifungiclub, it is therefore a deliberately chosen motif to draw attention to the pressing global environmental problems of our time, especially the decline in biodiversity. 9.99 % of the sales price of an NFT is donated to organisation which protect biodiversity. Copyright 2022 - All reference objects on which the NFTs are based (e.g. the artistic works containing the image files supplied with the NFTs) are protected by copyright. All rights, including those of reproduction, publication, making available to the public, adaptation and translation, are reserved. Reproduction for private use is permitted within the legal limits of copyright law. Commercial use always requires the prior consent of the rights holder, ifungiclub UG.

Mar 2022
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