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Ideathon Virtual Medal

"「點子松」為因應國家數位產業未來發展,首度邀請全民參與未來生活情境之想像,以廣納公民創新點子、實現開放政府精神,進而影響政策制定與推動產業之發展。 本活動將每年持續辦理,與民眾進行對話,以達到全民「共創」及「涵融」的願景。

本次活動的參加獎使用點子松識別的輔助圖形「探索未來」延伸設計,鼓勵全民探索未來;獎章則使用點子松識別製作動態 NFT,嘉許得獎者。

As a way of promoting the future development of Taiwan’s digital industry, the Ideathon invites everyone to imagine what their life might look like in the future. The objective is to gather a collection of innovative ideas from the general public and, in the spirit of open government, build on them to influence policy formulation and promote industrial development. This event will be held annually to encourage citizen engagement and achieve our vision of co-creation by and inclusion of all.

In this event, NFT is produced under the supporting graphics of ideation brand identity which represents ""explore the futures"" to encourage everyone to submit their works. Dynamic NFTs are also produced under the Ideathon brand identity and awarded to the winners. "

Dec 2022
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